Where can I find my Results

Where can participants find their Finish Results?

IF they have signed up for the Event on RaceDayworld.com, they will be able to see their individual Race Results after they have signed in.

Generally, All Results are posted to our Results Section on the Bermudatiming.bm Website:

BTS MyFinish_Detail

An Alternative would be to download our Custom Results App:

Blackberry App_world2

Google Play


Is the starting line format any different than for a non-chip timed race?

No. It is exactly the same.

When does BTS Show up on Race day?

Two hours prior to the start of your event.

This gives us plenty of time to set-up the timing and scoring equipment, finish line bridge, banner, corral and time clock, and train your volunteers on chip/Bib distribution and collection procedures.

Does BTS require any special language be added to the race application?

Yes. We require the following language be listed on the race application:

“This event is being timed and scored by Bermuda Timing Systems. On race day, participants will be required to wear the BIB’s provided, as the Timing chips are afixed to the back.  Failure to wear a, or the correct BIB, during the event will prevent the participant from being timed and scored and show up in the Results”

Bermuda Timing Systems also requires that we be listed on the “Waiver and Release” section of the race application which must be signed by all participants.

The better question is: “How important is it to have fast and accurate results?”

Considering that the race results are the last thing your athletes will remember about your event, doesn’t it make sense to use the fastest, most accurate method available to score a race? Especially when Bermuda Timing Systems offers chip timing for the same, or less than the cost of less advanced systems.

How are the timing chips distributed to participants?
Before race day, we provide¬†alphabetized lists of all pre-registered athletes to the Race Director. These alphabetized lists contains the full name, assigned chip / bib number (same number with our system), event type, gender and¬†age for each pre-registered athlete. When pre-registered athletes check in on race day, the volunteers/participants look¬†at their bib number provided and at the provided BTS “Chip Station” will provide/collect the corresponding Chip.

Volunteers who process race day registrants will only need to collect the entry fee and write down the bib number they assign on the completed race application form. The Participant then collects the corresponding Chip from the BTS Chip Station. These completed raceday applications are then given to our data entry personel. It is that easy.

Please note, the race director is required to provide 1 volunteer for every 100 participants at the event in order to hand out chip/bib envelopes. Bermuda Timing Systems will provide 1 employee to oversee the volunteers at the registration tables since questions can and will arise on race day.